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Streetlife products are characterised by a minimalistic look. The designs are timeless and have a natural style. Due to the right choice of materials, our products are long-lasting. Our street furniture, tree products and bridges are all highly robust and can withstand a fair amount of battering. For our seats and benches, we prefer to use untreated FSC-certified hardwood that turns grey over time due to natural weathering. CorTen steel is used for the structural elements, thereby keeping maintenance to a minimum. As a result, our street furniture is solid, durable and of a high aesthetic quality.

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Streetlife & Sustainability

Streetlife is a progressive, innovative company that creates street furniture, tree products and small pedestrian and bicycle bridges. Our in-house R&D team ensures high quality during development and production. Sustainability is an integral part of the design process and our design and detailing choices take account of maintenance and repurposing. This is reflected in our smart Streetlock® mounting system, our FSC certification and our use of recycled materials and resources derived from used plastic and other waste. Streetlife’s urban furniture therefore not only lasts longer but also reduces the impact on the environment.


Streetlife & Public Spaces

Streetlife’s passion is to make an innovative contribution to public spaces with products that lend a special appearance. Our international group of architect consultants and product designers speak the language of landscape architects and urban planners. We cooperate with our customers at the highest level and are fully in tune with their needs. The Streetlife Collection features eight categories and several product families. Every two years, our collection is upgraded and enhanced by green and innovative new products that exude a natural style.